“Little Inferno“ and “The Unwritten Rule of the Red Hat Civilization”, hex literary, Forthcoming 2023

“Horse Wearing Gas Mask“ and “A Horse Who Also Jumps”, word west revue, Forthcoming 2022

“Son of a Gun”, ”Jumped the Gun”, ”Sure as a Gun”, ”Gun Down” and ”Eat the Gun”, Guesthouse, Forthcoming 2022

“Easy Tiger”, Cola Literary Review (formerly Yemassee), Forthcoming 2022

“Please Call 1-800-MUR-DERS If You Know Anything”, collaborative poem with Evan Williams and Benjamin Niespodziany, HAD, September 2022

“Dead Sprint”, hex literary, July 2022

“Knight in an Old-Fashioned Book”, “Eaten by a Tiger“ and “The Sharks Smell Blood“, Ursus Americanus, June 2022

“What a Shot” and ”Back From the War”, Yalobusha Review, May 2022

“Love Is an Umbrella Term”, Bending Genres, April 2022

Appears on '365 Prose Poems' at Cease, Cows

“Perceived Slight”, ”Father Christmas” and ”High Horse”, periodicities, March 2022

“Two Seats”, ”West of Vipers” and ”Head Canoe”, HAD, February 2022

“Exit Myth”, Dusie, February 2022

“Married to the Job”, Rejection Letters, December 2021

“A Thousand Times Yes”, HAD, October 2021

“Mk II”, Rejection Letters, April 2021

“Success Story”, Olney Magazine, March 2021​

“Cowpokes”, HAD, March 2021​

“Telegrams on the New Assumption”, The Columbia Review, February 2021

“The Black Box” and ”Solid Carpentry”, Guesthouse, December 2020

“Hucksters”, Sporklet, September 2020

“Vikings”, DIAGRAM, August 2020

“The Dot”, HAD (republished), August 2020

“April”, Third Coast, May 2020

“This Is a Stick Up” and “Dating, Yalobusha Review, May 2020

“December”, Lost Balloon, March 2020

​Nominated for ‘Best of the Net, 2020’

Wigleaf Top 50 Longlist, 2021

“Wildfire”, Mud Season Review, December 2019

“Readymade of My Father’s Bookshelf”, The Shallow Ends, November 2019

“Ghazal in Retrograde” and “Rock Hill Mill Stable”, GASHER, May 2019

“The Gift & Thrift”, GASHER, July 2018

“The Mud Doctor”, Passages North, April 2018

“The Beard”, Maudlin House, February 2018